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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Justice League movie shelved

After being delayed by the writers' strike, shunned by Christian Bale, and booed by online geeks, the Justice League movie has been canned, according to producer Joel Silver. Justice League (or JLA) is about the teaming up of superheroes from the DC Comics universe to battle evil, which includes Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, among others. It was to be directed by acclaimed director George Miller (Happy Feet, the Babe movies, the Mad Max movies) and headlined by unknowns.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Justice League: The Movie is a go!

Well, at least Warner Bros. sounds determined about it. What's certain is that George Miller of Happy Feet, Babe and the Mad Max trilogy fame, is directing. They're still iffy about whether the movie's live-action or animated, while the actor playing the current celluloid Batman, the Grammaton Cleric Christian Bale himself didn't sound too keen about it. Keep an eye out for this in 2009 - this is going to be a tough one to pull off.
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