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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Techno BullS**t: Another Alternative to Normal Handhelds

Some things are really nice to have if you got extra $$$... But then again, usefulness will depend on what you intend to do with it... Mobile Porn anyone?
Nice website, but took awhile to load... BMF, u should learn how to do this flash animation crap... The Link...

Techno Crap: Dell's XPS

Finally a PC (non Mac) that looks as good as an iMac. Looking forward for all future PCs to look like this... The Link...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Techno-babble: Here Zunney Zunney Zunney... Sit, Good Dog!

Zune 2!!! Looks cool! :) Wat else can I say? Well at least it is not some "iPervert" that requires some "Touching" here and there to get it "turned on".
Anyway, it is funny how companies think that they can get us to keep buying portable players even if we already own like three unused portables at home. Check this YouTube Zune 2 Demo. Link here.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007

Techno-babble: Robot Car My Ass...

A whole bunch of “chips” just to drive this car! If I had the money, I would probably pay a “driver” to drive me around instead of the “Robot”. Excluding the chips & shits, I don’t see much room available for the passengers… The things people do when they have too much time & money… And to think that we are paying for this development eventually when we buy their products! - The Link

Techno-babble: Little Boobs... Oops, I mean "Little Book"

This little “notebook” device might be useful to “The BMF”. With a great battery life and super-ultra portable, there will be no stopping “The BMF” from blogging (& bullsh***ing) on-the-job or on-the-bowl (toilet that is…).
By the way, don’t expect Quake 4 on this machine, but I assure you Solitaire or FreeCell will be enjoyable-man!
I believe it is on sale at our local “Uncle Sim Lim” for a little above S$1,000. Great inve$tment, join the geeky side of life…

Techno-babble: Here mouse-y, mouse-y, mouse-y...

“Holy breast mouse-y Batman…”
I really don’t have any idea why would someone need this? However, a small minority of the male population might be “fully grown” out of this… The Link
(in life, almost everything has two meanings)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Techno-babble: Apple, anyone?

It is that time of they year again… where Apple makes us open-up our wallet and give them hundreds of dollars of hard earn CA$H. It’s like being ripped off, but in a good way as we all end-up feeling fairly happy & good for the next few weeks playing with our new found purpose in life. Anyway see for yourself…