Monday, September 10, 2007

The Pleasure of Pirates and What It Tells Us About World Building in Branded Entertainment

Very interesting article by Henry Jenkins that discusses why many critics are so negative when it comes to reviewing blockbuster movies while the rest of the world are enjoying the same movies. Click here for the article.

A short review on Ratatouille

Yo Lam,

I did watch Ratatouille when it was released quite some time back, and yes it definitely a really cool animation movie.
It is fun, heart warming, but it does not patronise its audience as some of the other hollywood animation movies(i.e Flushed away, surf up etc).
I especially enjoy the hero of the show, the rat, as he is an average rat with a gift, and also the food critic, anton, though he was rather cold at first, but towards the end of the movies, you realise that he is rather too passionate about his profession.
In short, a cool movie that is definitely worth a second or third watch.

take care man

(p.s. My girlfriend found the movie rather so-so, to my surprise!)

Grindhouse Marathon at GV!

I never thought this would happen, but they finally did it! They finally put the two Grindhouse movies back-to-back like it should have been, AND I CAN'T GO FOR IT! Of all the days in the year, they MUST set it on the day that I will be moving stuff to my new home! To my knowledge, it's only showing once in this format, so go catch it if you can. And if they're also including the fake trailers during the intermission, I'm gonna give up on life and throw myself at a pack of rabid zombies.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Ratatouille... good? Oui! Oui!

I've seen Ratatouille, and it is GOOD. It's not action-packed like The Incredibles, but it's closer to The Iron Giant, and melts hearts like that one. I kneel before The Lord Almighty, Brad Bird. Funny how the last two summer blockbuster movies shown are also the very best.

Highly recommended. Review coming soon!

The Simpsons + Star Wars Parody!