Monday, September 10, 2007

A short review on Ratatouille

Yo Lam,

I did watch Ratatouille when it was released quite some time back, and yes it definitely a really cool animation movie.
It is fun, heart warming, but it does not patronise its audience as some of the other hollywood animation movies(i.e Flushed away, surf up etc).
I especially enjoy the hero of the show, the rat, as he is an average rat with a gift, and also the food critic, anton, though he was rather cold at first, but towards the end of the movies, you realise that he is rather too passionate about his profession.
In short, a cool movie that is definitely worth a second or third watch.

take care man

(p.s. My girlfriend found the movie rather so-so, to my surprise!)

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Ratatouille is an animation that demands investment of attention more than other generic cartoon entertainments that give quick gratifications through silly-cute characters and old-but-familiar jokes. Depending on your expectations, you may be easily disappointed if you went into Ratatouille and not expected a story about the culinary arts, but thinking it was another dramedy about a six-year-old and his talking rat. I think Disney may have fumbled with their marketing for giving people the wrong impression. I mean, do the posters, ads, etc. tell you that this movie is actually more about food than talking animals? I don't blame your girlfriend, and hope she gives it another chance when she gets to watch it again somehow.