Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Alien Vs Predator 2: Redemption?

Alien Vs Predator, the original comic book mini-series, was supposed to be a mindless commercial cash-in on two popular monster franchises, but turned out to be one of the best and most inspired of such endeavours. The terrible 2004 movie of the same name, though, has almost nothing in common with the comic book, except that the Predators are still using Earth as a training ground to battle Aliens. And, unlike Die Hard 4.0, they failed to pull off a PG-13 version (depends on whether you consider a US Number One Box Office Movie despite a universal critical mauling to be a success or failure.) The human characters were unmemorable, the story was lacklustre, the effects were shoddy, and the PG-13 rating guaranteed a diminished amount of thrill, excitement and blood.

With Alien Vs Predator: Requiem, the producers seem determine to set things right. Looking at its "red band" trailer (meaning a promo clip with mature content), AVP:R is definitely not going to be PG-13-rated, with its abundance of violent scenes involving humans being disposed off in various creative fashions. They've finally got at least half of it right, so let's hope they've also got a decent-enough story to go with all the gloriously gory action. Or why not just adapt the already-good storyline from the comic?

Click on the picture or the link below to see the trailer. Warning! Contains violent scenes, not for the young or squeamish!

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It's the year 2008, and AvP:R has been released and seen. Unfortunately, it's crap. The end.