Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Short review on Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny

Yo Lam,

I managed to watch Tenacious D, the pitch of destiny.
As you know I am not a big fan of musicals, but I could safely say this is the musical I have enjoyed so far.
Really cool man, especially when they played my favourite piece from 'The WHO',when the 2 heroes were escaping from the rock and roll museum.
Some big names were in the movies, for example, Meatloaf, not to mention Kyle Gass and Jack Black.
It is a nice comedy that showcase some really cool guitar music, not to mention promotion of the use of grass.
In short, great musical and I do hope I could get to watch musicals as well.




Hey man. Wished I got time to see it. Was one of the movies I wanted to watch in 2006, but somehow the hype for that movie wasn't that good, and movies like Borat and Casino Royale totally overshadowed it. I also missed out on Rush Hour 3, which is no longer showing in the evenings. Not that I expected it to be great, but it may turn out to be a good movie to criticise, and mauling a movie is usually quite fun.

spoovans said...

Yo Lam, managed to catch Rush Hour 3, and in my opinion, I still liked the first.
Maybe it is just me, but I do sense that Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan is trying a bit to hard to be partners in this movie. Guess the chemistry isnt there both on and off screen.
The actions is rather staid, esp when Chris drove a mercedes with 2 chicks on the opposite direction of the road, following jackie chan.
And of course, the end is just too lame, especially when the french inspector came to congratulate the 2 heroes, but instead has a bloodied nose, thanks to the heroes. And of course, the sucky dance routine!
In short, a very average movie,Brian Ratner should have known better.


I just wanna watch something that I can write a damning review for a change. Every movie seems to be getting good reviews from us all (see