Tuesday, December 25, 2007

(Unedited) review on fantastic 4- rise of the silver surfer

Hi guys,

Before I start, allow me to confess that I am not a big fan of fantastic four, but I will be as objective as possible.

I do have to admit that I have enjoyed the first installment of the Fanstastic Four, as I wasn't a die hard fan of the comic book, hence I took it as any other action movie, simple storyline of good versus bad, with the good guy being a brilliant doctor (Dr.Dean Richards : Ioan Gruffurdd
) pitching a high risk space project to a successful industrialist (Victor Von Doom : Julian Mcmahon), who happens to be his uni buddy, he agrees and ropes in his assistant (sue storm : Jessica Alba) and also ropes in Johnny Storm (Chris Evans) and of course, lets not forget Ben Grimm (Micheal Chicklis). They are up in space and a freak cosmic storm hits them, they are back home and they realise that they have superpowers.
In the meantime, while the Fantastic Four team is gelling, Victor Von Doom is facing real world corporate problems, looming bankruptcy and drought of financial backers.

The first movie was nice due to the special effects, Julian Mcmahon performance as Victor was not bad though the human torch, aka Cris Evans was rather over the top at times. Though I personally did not find Dr.Dean Richards performance as a nerd, entertaining at all.
With the Rise of the Silver surfer, It was actually much better compared to the first, especially in the beginning when you have planets being destroyed and a white light zooming through space. And Dr.Doom's return to movie, just when we though he was finished, was not too shabby either.
The downfall of the movie, in my opinion, is the ending of the movie. Especially when the silver surfer has a change of heart and decised to save earth by destroying himself and his master. I really found the Silver surfer character rather cool, as he is invincible and all powerful, totally focused in destroying planets for the singular purpose of serving his master and has no conscience or feeling so to speak, or thats how the movie made you believe at the start of the movie.
Another archillies heel of this movie is the sappy romantic moments between Dr.Dean Richards and Sue Storm, rather sad actually.
And I found the human torch entertaining when he was a torch, not as Jonny storm.
The sucky moments is when they unveiled their 'Dodge' flying 'Thingamagic', and when it splits into four pieces and drew the no.four in the sky, that just 'killed' the movies for me.

All in all, a rather average movie, suitable for those who either loves Jessica Alba or are die hard fans of Fantastic Four




Hey man. Don't you prefer your review to have a page of its own on the Big Movie Freak site? Though to be frank it sure is much flexible and easier to post stuff here. Only thing missing are the nice little pictures to go with it.

About the movie, yeah, I agree it was better than the first, but mostly because of the Silver Dude. I think you missed out on the part where the Silver Board came back to life after Galactus and Silver Dude were apparently destroyed. So, Silver Dude is definitely still alive, don't worry.

Fantastic Four has always been lighthearted, even the original comic books. Just like what National Treasure is to Indiana Jones. Many critics expect it to be the next Spider-man 2, and you're only going to get disappointment if that's your expectation of every single comic book adaptation that's coming out of Hollywood.

jindavis said...

Silver surfer is cool-man... Go BOTAK, GO BOTAK, go...!!!


You know the voice of the Silver Surfer was actually Lawrence Fishburne's, a.k.a. The Matrix's Morpheus?