Monday, December 31, 2007

Merry Belated X-mas and a Contented New Year!

Well, after Bhutto's very recent death, and reading other people's round-up of 2007, full of embarrassing events like athletes getting exposed for using drugs, celebrities using drugs, celebrities getting exposed, terrorists all around the world trying to outdo each other (truly believing their every pointless mass murder would bringing them a step closer to world domination, essentially ripping off S.P.E.C.T.R.E.'s idea), weather's going crazy all year and polar bears are drowning because we listened to Bush and because Chris Weitz screwed up The Golden Compass (I thought this was a sure-win movie that would have popularise the polar teddies and save them from Man's stupidity, but it turns out you can't really fight one stupidity with another), I can't really say "Happy New Year" now, can I?

The year 2007 also seems to be sort of an above-average year for the movies. True, there are much more stuff that worked and entertained than 2006's, but I don't remember seeing a single movie that knocked me over with a big wow, like what V for Vendetta and Borat did. Then again, I haven't seen the Judd Apatow comedies Knocked Up and Superbad yet, nor have I taken a glimpse at any of the Oscar baits of the year (Coen Bros' No Country for Old Men, Juno, There Will Be Blood, Away From Her, I'm Not There, Sean Penn's Into The Wild, etc.) Oh wait, there's Eye in the Sky from Johnnie To's crime movie factory, which did wow me, so it's not a total lost!

But 2008 looks to be one exciting year for movies. It's still smothered with sequels and remakes, but these sequels and remakes are far more interesting, because 1) there's a new Batman sequel from the guys who did Batman Begins, 2) there's Lost's J. J. Abrams doing a Star Trek reboot, 3) like McClane, action veterans Rambo and Indy are back for one last hurrah, 4) Rambo 4, Indy 4, Batman 2, Hellboy 2, Sin City 2, Craig's James Bond part 2, Harold and Kumar 2, Harry Potter 6 and X-files 2 aren't exactly sequels we're not excited about, and 5) there is also a pretty interesting line-up of originals and adaptations like Stephen Chow's sci-fi CJ7, giant monster flick Cloverfield, Iron Man, the Wachowski's Speed Racer, Valkyrie, Pixar's Wall*E and, err Dragonball (but it's produced by Stephen Chow!).

What else can a Big Movie Freak say but please, please don't f*** it up, 2008?

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