Sunday, May 4, 2008

The BMF must write more

The great thing about blogs like Alvin Lim's, the authors don't post pictures and videos as much as I do. With Alvin, he writes and draws about office life quite regularly, and generated a lot of feedback and comments from them. So far, the most I've done was to bitch about money and suggest some ways to save them. It's not that I hardly write anything, just that I tend to write reviews more, and they're all located on the main site. The blog is a tool more suited for occasional, random thoughts or important news that needs to be posted up quickly, and recently I didn't have much to share aside from my opinions about the movies I saw. Furthermore, the original plan was to have the Freaks regularly contributing their literary geniuses here, but they have opted to plant their roots on a more liberating and irreverent blogsite. Still, it's not like the BMF Blog is experiencing a dearth of material. I'm still making sure that there's at least one blog update daily, but I'll try to write more and will promise to post less LOLcats pictures.

For your reading pleasure, here are some recommendations for the weekend:


(cribbed from's Hit List)


Anonymous said...

hey, thanks for the compliment. My blog hits are nt that good actually. :)

mmm, maybe you can categorize your movie reviews like give the score...u know, like game reviews? story 1-10, effects 1-10, presentation, bla bla bla.

then let the users rate them as well (i know wordpress you can put the "rating" thing like i have for my comic).

or if u wanna keep reviews strictly for ur main site, maybe ur blog can talk about ur opinion on the movies and how they can make it better. maybe someone shld start a story bout ironman going mad n fighting against spiderman. or having andy lau starring in the HAIRSPRAY movie.


I don't know about your hit rate, but you have at least half a dozen people commenting on your blog regularly, and that's already light years better than mine. ;)

Movies are such a subjective thing, and giving it a score out of 10 or even 5 doesn't seem to have any meaning. How do you justify one movie having an extra star over the other? Is there a mathematical basis? Should there even be a mathematical basis? Thus, I resorted to a simple Good, Average or Suck self-explanatory rating. :D

But you're very right about putting opinions on the blog. That's what it should be about. Thanks, man! ;)