Friday, September 7, 2007

Reviewed: The Simpsons Movie

Still a Heroes virgin...

Yeah, being the geek that I am, I still haven't seen a single Heroes episode, believe it or not. I meant to catch it when it aired on free TV in April, but I knew I was too busy to catch every episode, and opted to wait for the DVD. Now that it's finally out on DVD, I'm still not sure if I have time for it, with a new 3D project, a huge backlog of unwatched DVDs and unwritten reviews all begging for attention.
Anyway, for those who care, click here for's review.

WTF??? Street Fighter: The Movie Part II!

Want to know how I feel about the Street Fighter sequel? Well, FEEL THIS!

Directed by the guy who brought you Romeo Must Die and Doom. You just know that disaster's inevitable.
Go to to see the full article.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Wizard Entertainment's "10 Years, 100 Toys" list of the best figurines of the decade. Click on picture to see list, or click here. Jindavis, one of your dolls are on the list. You should be proud, heh heh.

Techno-babble: Apple, anyone?

It is that time of they year again… where Apple makes us open-up our wallet and give them hundreds of dollars of hard earn CA$H. It’s like being ripped off, but in a good way as we all end-up feeling fairly happy & good for the next few weeks playing with our new found purpose in life. Anyway see for yourself…